You, Me, Them


This week’s lecture was all about personas and the different types of people to expect while creating or designing a site for someone. It asks who do we appeal to? The majority or the minority when creating the site? And the truth is, you want to appeal to the majority but also include the minority as much as possible. An example would be if there was a certain layout the majority liked but the minority didn’t like how there wasn’t any blue. You just should add blue to appeal to some of the minority.

So, this is when you should figure out what exactly is a persona? Well to put it simply it’s a hypothesised group of people who would use your site. The way you can gather an idea of this is by interviewing people and documenting their responses. Doing this will assure that you can get an accurate idea of who, how and why someone would be using your site and the purpose and intentions for using it allowing you to create a persona which will fundamentally shape how the site looks and feels. Another feature of creating a persona is you can establish an idea which platform (PC, Mac, phones and or tablets) so you can create and design a set layout for the persona.  Attached below is a screenshot from the lecture that gives you an idea of what a persona is.




persona questions



You, Me, Them

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