Logo Development

So for an assignment on screen design we, one aspect was to design a logo for the theoretical website that we would produce. The original Logo looked like this:logo

while the newer logo variations that have been made look like this:

logo 2

The differences made was changing the location of the text. As the issue was where to put the text as, when the logo is shrunk the text would be unreadable (which to be perfectly honest wasn’t an issue to begin with as the text wasn’t meant to be pinnacle to the design but just something to add “character”). The new logo shows two different variations. it is intended for its use in different settings with the text sitting inside the logo (above the head and on the blue) and when it is a smaller size the text will appear above the logo. the change in the text colour is also made so it can fit any site colour/where colour clashes so the logo will be used effectively as possible.

Logo Development

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